All InfaSitterâ„¢s are

Trained in childcare based on International Standards
Aware of Infant Hygiene
Identity checked and documented
Fingerprints scanned
Modern equipment handlings
Have access to InfaTouch Helpline for guidance

Infa Parent

  • Teachings from your child
  • Other Side of parenting
  • Spending time with kids
  • Basic Hygiene tips

Infa Corp

  • Increase the productivity & ROA
  • Reduce Attrition
  • Non Monetary Benefit
  • Unique Corporate Packages

Infa Sitters

  • Independent, Respectable job
  • World Class Training
  • Free Insurance
  • We are Hiring, Submit your profile



Infa Forum

  • Ask our InfaExperts
  • Initiate a Discussion
  • Share your Experiences
  • Simple and Free Login

Infa Care

  • Games Children Play
Child Development and Games
  • Preventing Child burns
  • Colic Pains

Infa Partners

  • Want to be part of this exciting new concept?
  • Want to be a part how we build our future?
  • Want a sustainable high ROI?
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